Why Choose Texas Office Leasing

We pride ourselves in being a growing full-service real estate leasing company who places clients first. Our team will ensure that your business is fitted with the right location from the start. Then we will assist you with any improvements needed and provide the oversight to manage any desired build-out. We don’t just collect rent, but offer businesses real value and convenience. For instance:

Our NNN leased properties (or triple-net-leased properties) let you take the drivers’ seat and oversee all activities associated with the commercial property and receive reduced rent. In this type of lease arrangement, we take the backseat and serve only as property owner—not property manager or landlord.

Other leases give you access to our full-time property manager, who will be very visible and who will quickly respond to your needs whether you experience a roof leak, encounter problems with your air conditioning and heating unit or need a different watering schedule for your landscaping. You can count on our property manager to respond quickly because we know your building must function and look its best for the success of your business.

And finally, with our full-service lease arrangements, you don’t have to worry about utility bills, tax and insurance payments or property maintenance. Everything is included.

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